"Schuler Connect" reduces service missions

Via smartphone or data glasses, line operators can now receive fast and effective assistance from experts

Göppingen/March 10, 2021 – The Corona pandemic has accelerated digitalization in almost all areas of life; video conferencing, for example, has become an integral part of communication. Schuler is going one step further: "Schuler Connect" is a portal developed for the support of industrial services that not only transmits live images via app for smartphone or data glasses, numerous innovative add-ons enable optimal support for remote maintenance.

"In the process, our experts use augmented reality technology to blend targeted information into the image signal, providing effective assistance for the line operator," explains Service Sales Manager Ernst Schwoshuber. With Schuler Connect, time-consuming and costly service calls can be reduced, thus shortening downtimes. Schuler has placed particular emphasis on the security of data transmission, emphasizes Schwoshuber.

"Schuler Connect is already in the test phase at several customers, and the initial feedback is very promising," adds Service Managing Director Torsten Petrick. Within the company, the system has already been in use for a year, for example for communication between construction and internal assembly, or for quality assurance and acceptance of presses in China.

Schuler Connect is part of the press manufacturer's "Digital Suite". This also includes improved "Track and Trace" solutions for continuous monitoring of the parts produced, as well as the "Visual Die Protection" monitoring system, which allows imminent damage to be detected and eliminated at an early stage.






Bild.jpg: With "Schuler Connect," experts blend important information for the line operator into the image signal. © Schuler

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