«Eventful business program for «Photonics. World of laser and optics» exhibition in 2015»

Dear Colleagues and Partners!

The 10th international specialized exhibition "Photonics. World of lasers and optics 2015" welcomes you to Expocentre fairgrounds on March 16-19, 2015 the exhibition in enhanced with a very eventful business program:

- The IV Congress of the Technological platform «Photonics», including 11 thematic scientific-practical conferences and 2 plenary sessions.

- The open joint session of the Interdepartmental work group on Photonics at the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the TP "Photonics" Secretariat and NTS Laser Association

- The presentation of the Strategic program and work plan of the TP "Photonics" (version 2015) for 2015.

- The presentation of TP "Photonics" Eurasian Economic Union project.

- The round table session on "Opportunities to support Photonics projects in Russian development institutions" (with the participation of representatives of the Russian Foundation for Technological Development, RVC (Russian Venture Company), SKOLKOVO Foundation, Assistance to development of small forms of enterprises in scientific-technical sphere Fund (FASIE).

- The scientific-practical seminar "Regional laser centers competence - challenges and prospects".

- The presentation of "Domestic holography - informational, protective, fine art

- The «Best development» Laser Association Contest results for the work dated 2013-2014 period.

For more information about the exhibition "Photonics. World of lasers and optics 2015" contact the organizer by phone: +7 (499) 795-29-06 and +7 (499) 259-51-08 or visit our web-site:

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